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Singapore Project

In June of 2010, Heidi and Richard had the pleasure of traveling to Singapore to work with Ko-Nen Creative and the Singaporean artist, Jiu Jian Kenn. Heidi went first, teaching private voice lessons and workshops to many types of Singaporean artists. Richard joined in the fun to appear with Heidi and Jiu Jian in the 2 Voices + 10 Fingers Soiree, which was performed at the Arts House in Singapore.

Heidi's blog about the entire Singapore experience can be found here: http://www.2Voices10Fingers.blogspot.com

In December of 2012, Jiu Jian Kenn will be traveling to Philadelphia for the next edition of 2 Voices +10 Fingers. A gala performance is currently planned for January 12, 2013, as well as Inside The Heart, an interactive workshop with Jiu Jian and Heidi focusing on finding your own creativity. Check the blog for more information.

Holiday Service Project

After our son, Nicholas, was born in January of 1997, we were flooded with gifts. We had no idea how many generous people we had in our lives. As the holiday season of 1997 approached, we found ourselves in an unusual dilemma. We knew that our students would be generous and give us wonderful holiday gifts, but at the same time we knew that we didn’t need more gifts. What to do? It would be ungracious of us to ask for no gifts; we know that it is one way for our students to express their gratitude for our commitment to singing and to them. So, we came up with the idea of the Holiday Service Project.

That first year, we contacted the Salvation Army Shelter in Norristown, PA and became a part of their Angel program. The project was a tremendous success. Our students were generous with gifts and food for children and families that have so much less than most of us. It truly was one of the highlights of our holiday season that year to participate in distributing the gifts and food at the shelter in Norristown.

Since that year we have asked our students to donate to a different project every holiday. We always offer options – students can donate money, items or time. By having these options, no one feels like they can’t contribute. We’ve packed boxes of clothing for orphans in Azerbaijan and boxes of supplies for soliders in Iraq (let’s hope we don’t have to do that for too much longer!). We’ve given glorious amounts of food to food drives right here in our backyards.

We now look forward to the Holiday Service Project every year. If you are a private music teacher, or just an individual overwhelmed with all of your “stuff”, we strongly encourage you to start your own service projects.


Photos of contributions from our 2011 Holiday Service Project - Food for Philabundance, Philadelphia, PA:


Photo of a mother and child receiving gifts from Jorge de Leon as part of our 2008 Service Project. Working in conjunction with Jorge (who was our fabulous tour guide on a Belizean vacation), we were able to brighten the holiday season for over 200 young residents of San Ignacio, Belize.


Photo of Richard delivering contributions to our 2007 Holiday Service Project - WePAC (West Philadelphia Alliance for Children):


Photos of contributions from our 2006 Holiday Service Project - Toby Farms Elementary School Food Drive:

Studio Service Projects

2011 - Food for Philabundance, Philadelphia, PA
2010 - Art and school supplies for Pagus: Africa, serving schools in the West African nation of Ghana
2009 - Food Drive for CityTeam shelter in Chester, PA
2008 - Toys for the children of San Ignacio, Belize (Jorge de Leon, better known as Lion)
2007 - WePAC (West Philadelphia Alliance for Children)
2006 - Toby Farms Elementary School Food Drive, Chester, PA
2005 - Female Marines serving in Iraq with the MASS-1 (Marine Air Support Squadron)
2004 - Two units serving in Iraq - one Army and one Marines with the 24th Marine Expeditionary Unit, Colonel R.J. Johnson, Commander
2003 - Toby Farms Elementary School Food Drive, Chester, PA
2002 - Orphanages of Baku, Azerbaijan
1997 - 2001 – Salvation Army Shelter, Norristown, PA